Book Review- Yes, My Accent Is Real By Kunnal Nayyar

Raj Koothrappali never came across to me as wity as Kunal Nayyar in his book “Yes, My Accent Is Real And Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You” maybe because that guy is just some part of Kunal and not his whole, maybe because he is accustomed to selective mutism and maybe him being a fictional character could be some other reason as well. In his book, you see Kunal for who he really is in his rawest and purest form. There are times when he is like an innocent little kid who wants the world to just be free of all the ills and next he is a person who gets jealous over his friend being selected for a role he genuinely wanted, cheering them along on the side nevertheless. He just goes to show that all these emotions are real and felt by all alike. And this is what I love about the book. He has been true to himself without caring for how he comes across. On the other hand, he has given atmost thought when it comes to picturing other people in his book. Most of them are grey, just like us. It is completely understandable that people who are near and dear ones are often attempted to be shown more on the good side by all of us- to our friends, friends of friends and world at large. (Side note:When you write a book you wish to make your story reach out to people and not be held against it in court.) Since he has declined himself from calling it an autobiography I will do the same. Calling it Kunal’s story told by Raj is wrong but calling it a Raj’s story told Kunal is even more wrong. It is a journey of both Kunal and Raj told by a human with a sense of humour. He is one of the few writers (if i may call him one) who was able to make me react. He made me smile, smirk, laugh, twist my head as i became a part of his journey. I would recommend everyone to check this book out and give it read. You may not be able to relate to his ethnicity but you will relate to him as a human being. (If you are one!) 

And I would too, love to pick it up again sometime.


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