The Lost One

In the crowd
She is lost
In the corner
She is found
In the violence
She is suffocated
In the silence
She finds muse
To speak up
Out loud
And shout
Break things to pieces
And she breaks herself too
But she gets up 
Fights the demons
The biggest ones hide right inside her
The ones that make her doubt
To do or not?
To say or not?
To feel or not?
To fight or give up?
To live or break apart?
She couldn’t let the confusion define her
Could she? Or more importantly would she?
No! She wouldn’t!
For she is wise
Wise enough
To know the right from wrong
Wise enough 
To know the good from bad 
She is a voice
Coming from inside
Inside you. Inside me.
Let her say what she wants 
For once and for all
Let it guide you and me 
To the best of things

Picture Credit: fineartamerica, Painting by Eliza Conchas


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  1. anjalisk96 says:

    That is some really nice poetry! You have a really nice blog coming up and I have followed your blog to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. anjalisk96 says:

        You’re welcome!


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