​Book Review- Loving Jack by Nora Roberts

Okay.I am not used to reading a full-fledged romantic novel often. This one is probably my first ‘Mills & Boon’ but it ain’t my last. The ones I have always seen on counters but never really picked them up. This one caught my attention at the book fair primarily because Jack is living my dream (at least at the end of it!) of writing the novel she was wanted to write. 
This book took me a bit more time to finish, losing bookmarks helped a lot. 
Our girl ‘Jackie’ or ‘Jack’ comes across a home she rents to focus on her novel that she wishes to write. She has switched from career to career, tried her hand at almost every notable university and institutes you can name. Jackie has love for life. Enters our boy, ‘Nathan’, a complete contrast, an architect, who always wants things to be perfect to ‘t’. In fact as Jackie called him Nathan ‘Perfect’ Powell. Nathan is the owner of the home she rented and the story unfolds from there ( many of you must have started making your predictions by now).
At first the book didn’t come across to me as fairly interesting but later on, I can’t deny i was hooked to it. Losing my interest again would have to be blamed on the losing the page count and my love for sleep. And then again, it got me hooked like an on and off love interest. (Sometimes a tedious task, sometimes an effortless engagement)
What I love about this book is that Jackie ain’t a typical writer, the one who is supposed to know it all or have a strong spiritual sense, almost like a superpower. She isn’t afraid of making mistakes, she has insecurities, she does get jealous, she ain’t perfect. But she isn’t a girl next door either for she is remarkably confident and doesn’t mind taking the lead. She is very honest with her feelings and often doesn’t blind herself from the realities of life.
Nathan on the other hand is much more relatable, a guy with hard past. A1 organised, ambitious, determined and extremely happy in his dull monotonous life until obviously a woman comes along (Don’t they always?).
Nora Roberts has about 400 million books in print worldwide, which goes to say a lot. Well, in the least it says that people are ‘love hungry’, they long for chocolates and flowers and a ‘forever’. And although Nora gives you that it isn’t in a fairy land with Cinderella dresses and suits. It’s the one with short pants. She hasn’t tried to paint the romance on background of gunshots or runaways, it is indeed painted on everyday cleaning, writing manuscript, doing office work, coffee and sandwiches.
All in all, I find this book mildly amusing, with a predictable end that i still liked (Die hard fan of happy endings!).


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