The Eco of Death

“It has been a glorious time to be alive and doing research in theoretical physics”. 
Almost a week ago, ‘The world had one of its greatest loss’ they write. Thousands of wishes come pouring, celebs, politicians, musicians, the who’s who of the world and the common people. My facebook feed had only echoed with the loss the world experienced. He on the other passed away peacefully. 

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Stephen Hawking’s love for his work and life resonated in people’s love for him. Personally and honestly I have only admired him from a distance until ‘The Theory of Everything’ happened. This film was designed beautifully, it gave an insight into the woman behind. She is equally a force to be reckoned with. I even bought his book ‘My Brief History’. 

The tiny bit of physics and formulas given were beyond me but come to it and you will realise its an extraordinary story of an extraordinary human being. After hearing that one has only two years to live and slowly in these two years they would lose the ability to move, to speak, to think and eventually to breathe; many would have accepted defeated then and there. But no, this medical marvel decided to let his work move mountains, he decided to let his work talk for him and that too so loud the whole world would acknowledge, he decided to let his work make people think.

The echo of his death is probably louder than the black hole busrt that many generations will be reminded and remember.
R.I.P the world’s greatest physicist, a human of different kind, a motivation….


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