Right or Kind?

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I read an article yesterday (let’s not go there), it focused on being kind instead of right and it led me to think is always being kind right? Or is always being right kind? Confusing right? 
Creating the balance between the two is tough. The choice indeed is difficult.
According to some being right may also be being kind, because if you do right by another person you are in the process helping them. But is that the reason we are always willing to be right? Doesn’t the satisfaction of being right supercede our aim of doing right by the other? (Be honest. Still No? Now be super honest) Trying to be right can also create a suffering which is why we are told to choose kind. 

Picture Credit: nexxt.com

Kindness, on the other hand may be right for the person who it is being offered to. Kindness involves love and concern, being right involves your morals and principles and values. 

Picture Credit: kindness.org

Both right and kind can be mutually exclusive and they could also concur. Some may feel that being right is overrated but I believe the world is in dire need of both. They are both the sides of same coin. And choosing one over other is entirely situation dependent or maybe if you are lucky you don’t need to choose. But I say why choose one? Make that coin fall on its edge.

What do you think? Comment and let me know.


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