Going round with emojis

Today it is the world emoji day. I wonder if emojis are bringing us back to where we evolved from? From the ancient times of proto-writing to alphabets to emoticons. The world goes round.

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Picture Credit: blogs@NTU

We are living in this fast paced life where shortcuts are the way to go. Cue the fastest growing language in the world: Emoji. Something better in minimum. But we forget that expressions at length are the best and many a times need of the hour.

It is true that emoji helps in signifying a thing better or tell the other the person our reaction on something. However, I still believe it takes away from the time spent in carefully ‘signing’ a text.

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Picture Credit: The Daily Edge

Emojis are adding to our laziness with what was earlier expressed in let’s say 20 words could be expressed with a single emoticon.

They lack a person’s personal touch which their writing magnifies in the way they speak or feel.

Also, many a times you can get away with truly expressing how you feel with an emoji. For instance: Sending a smiley even though you are angry at the person or sending a laughing emoji even when you are sad or didn’t find it funny. The purpose of emoji as language of expression becomes defeated here.

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Picture Credit: Teepublic.com


While texting if we try to communicate majorly via typing, it also brings about thought clarity, ability to structure them correctly and also expressing something verbally.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all in for emoji wars, they are super fun!

Picture Credit: PicsArt

Nonetheless, ask yourself what brings a smile on your face- a common standard emoji? Or a thought out personalised text?


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  1. This post resonates with reality. It is true that a personalized message has infinitely more value than a soulless emoji, and you have written about it in such a beautiful way! Good job!


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