Heal me, My song

Music. Does it need an introduction?
Everyone knows what music is (atleast for them). We each have a special connect with it. Songs, instrumental, vocal they are so many forms. Pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop etc. The choices never seem to end. There are people who listen to music like music but then there are people who listen to music like MUSIC. Music is just not music for them, its feelings, emotions, thoughts so much more that can’t be fitted into a box. Every beat brings with it a possible past, plausible present and probable future. They know what power music holds over them. It can cure, it can destroy. It can make and it can break.

It can hit you in the darkest places of your heart. 
It can pull out that bullet of pain lying inside for so so long.


That’s why people can be many a times picky with the kind of music they feed their mind.

images (20)902724317..jpg
Picture Credit: Platinum Communities

I believe each of us have their own song. This is not your favourite song of your favourite movie. Nope, not even the song you are playing on loop right now. This is the song of life. This is your own remix version of all the songs that make you get up dance, all the beats that take your breath away, all the rhythms that are stuck in some back side of the record player in your brain and when you hear them it’s like they never left. All the lyrics that bring out your deepest sorrows and your excited happiness.

Picture Credit: Pinterest

Whenever you feel like going dramatic it is majorly music that comes to everyone’s rescue.
Going through an intense emotion of happiness, sadness, guilt or anger and suddenly you remember a song in your head? Someplace you pass by, Some memory that flashes across all so suddenly, music can and will find its connection to you. 

Picture Credit: Pinterest

Let it break you to heal you.


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