Bring Back the 90’s and the 00’s

Those simple days and simpler nights
Those days of running and flying kites
The days of cassette and indie music

images (23)-1469115483..jpg
Picture Credit: Zazzle

The days where a mother’s shawl would turn into tunic
The days of bigger families and high ceilings
The days of happy dreaming
The days of friendship proposals instead of follow
Seeking deeper meaning instead of being hollow
The days where we would see kids turning up outside in the rain 
That excitement is slain 

images (24)1735357548..jpg
Picture Credit: Storybird

The days where conversation would take place at dinner and not phone screens
The days of innocence in the teens
The days where we would wait for our favourite song to play on radio
The days of Contra, Road Rash, Mario
The days of Pokemon, Beyblade and Hotwheels

images (1)-88191765..jpg
Picture Credit:

The days of ideals
The shadow shows in candle light
Making dogs and bunny through the night
The days where cartoons were more than cartoons

Picture Credit:

We would watch them without a worry in the world, from morning to afternoon
The days where meeting face to face wasn’t much of choice, it was a necessity
The days where festivities were more than a formality or a normality
Those days where future wouldn’t scare us
Those days would be all about happiness thus


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