Silence Screams

People say you should speak out. Be loud enough to heard.
But does screaming and shouting always get you things your way? Think about it
Maybe it use to work at the time when the world was rising. But what about now? Now that the world is so noisy you can barely listen to that voice inside of you.

Gif Credit: Urban Dictionary
Silence and its power is often underestimated.
Silence can be so scary. It’s like a multiple choice exam with millions of options for each one.
Let me give the weirdest example out there.
I was on a sabbatical. I do take that from time to time. Writing is no easy. It takes time. Sometimes it’s revelating, sometimes it can exhaust you. Also there are other things you gotta do. I know I don’t have thousands of followers, not even hundreds. But when I took off that would have affected at least a person other than me. I did have people asking if I posted something recently or why I stopped. There were probably so many questions they wanted to ask for the ‘why’ provoked by silence but also did not because of the fear it brings.
I am not asking you to give silent treatment like handing out pamphlets. That isn’t healthy. And it doesn’t always work. Expressing to others how you feel (about anything) rarely leaves us with regret.
But I am telling you that silence has the power to question what words can’t. Silence raises curiosity and doubts and confusion, one is healthy (in limited amount) and the others mostly aren’t.
Gif Credit: Giphy
Whether you observe a silence outside or even inside you. Be vigilant. Now don’t make a mountain out of molehill. But don’t be silent to the silence inside you. Who knows what exactly it’s trying to teach you? What exactly it’s trying to scream to you?

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